Life Changing Hypnotherapy - Weight loss
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If You Want to make a positive change to your relationship with food for a slimmer, Healthier Future, WE CAN HELP !

Healthy Life Style and weight loss
  • We help you  change unhealthy eating patterns
  • We use our unique tummy shrinking system to help you cut your desire for unhealthy portion sizes and eat in a more conscious way
  • We help you address any behaviours or underlying issues that may drive an unhealthy lifestyle

Weigh Management hypnosisGary is an advanced NLP practitioner, and Master hypnotherapist, who has additional qualification in weight management hypnotist and  life change coaching. He has reduced his own 30+ stone body by around 15st and has a much better, healthier life. 

 Weight loss and eating issues are one of our most sought out areas for hypnotherapy, we do not deal with weight loss directly, we help make the positive changes that help drive a natural, sustainable reduction in your body weight as a negative eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle patterns are challenged and reframed.

Gary says "I have a very special interest in helping people on their journey to a healthier, happier, slimmer future, as was stated,  used to weigh about 30 + stone myself and as a result I suffered many of the issues that being obese can bring so I don't shout down from an ivory tower, I understand the challenges of making positive lifestyle change and the mental barriers and challenges to making such changes .
confidence and self esteem

All we can say is :
If you are ready to take on one of the biggest challenges of your life, We can help you
If you would like to know more about how we can help you, simply contact us today and we will book you in for a FREE initial consultation and you could start soon be on your journey to positive change as you :
Eat to live - Not live to eat

Not all coaches and hypnotist work in the same way,
come and find out how we do it

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