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Help You Stop Smoking Or Vaping
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 "Stop Smoking Or Stop Vaping "

Master hypnotherapist and Life Change Coach – Gary Condon, says “I am pleased to see that Hypnotherapy continues to be seen as a proactive process of helping people make positive change to negative patterns of thought and behaviour.  Over the last 10 years, we have helped many people deal with their stress and anxiety issues and many had been using smoking or vaping (amongst other things) to help them cope.
Our unique “Stop Smoking & Vaping” program continues to help people be free from the smoking HABIT, to live a happier, healthier life free from the negative effects and vast costs of cigarette and E cigarette smoking.
Gary say's I have long suspected that vaping, although a better alternative to smoking, according to the NHS, will carry its own dangers which, has started to become apparent as research starts to come in. There are more and more reports of the serious effects of using Vapes as you can see for yourself if you look on the internet. 

At Phoenix we promote good mental health and physical health and we believe the only thing that you should put in your, one set per life, lungs, is fresh air (a struggle on its own these days) we know that all clients who come to see us to stop smoking or vaping say that it is now just an “annoying habit” that they no longer get satisfaction or pleasure from, they just want to “STOP”.
Instead of replacing one health threatening habit for another expensive negative habit, or using pills, patches, sprays and gum, (check their success rates on line) we help our clients collapse their smoking / vaping habit by changing the way the feel about smoking and Vaping and replace it with a more positive desire to be fit, healthy and happy. 

With Stoptober Just around the corner

Hi Gary   I just wanted to let you know that 8 weeks later and I am still not smoking, and I managed to go the weekend with my chain smoking in-laws and not be bothered about it.   So….. thank you very much!! - S.P

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Stop Smoking Or Vaping

Stop Smoking or Vaping 
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